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Offensive & Defensive Cyber Operations

Cyber Testing

Our real-world adversarial cyber tests assess and hardens the security of your system and safeguards. Our security researchers uncover published vulnerabilities and Zero Day vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by adversaries. Assessments result in quality and comprehensive reports showing steps to exploit and steps to mitigate.

  • Embedded Devices Assessment

  • Wireless/Bluetooth/RF Assessment

  • Web Application Assessment 

  • Operating System Security Assessment

  • Database Assessment

  • Source Code Assessment

  • Executable/Binary Assessment

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Reverse Engineering

Our security researchers deploy systematic and manual reverse engineering that can't be mimicked or duplicated by any existing software or AI system. Our approach paired with custom in house tooling reveals and uncovers encryption algorithms, authentication systems, logical flows, secrets, origin data, design architecture and security flaws delivered in visual diagrams and reports.

  • Container Reversing

  • Virtual Machine reversing

  • ByteCode Reversing

  • Binary Executable Reversing

  • Media Format Reversing

  • Malware Analysis

  • System Analysis

  • Cloud Application Analysis

  • Firmware Analysis

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Secure Software Engineering

Our Secure Software Engineers develop and consult using the latest in Agile-Scrum methodologies, DevSecOps and Modern Application Development techniques to produce reliable, secure and efficient software. Our approach to automate security at every level in the design and development process results in compliant and secured software. 

  • Micro-service Architecture

  • Monolithic architecture

  • Pub/Sub Architecture

  • Distributed Systems

  • CI/CD

  • Infrastructure as Code

  • Cloud Platform Integration

  • Security Test Driven Design

  • Firmware/Hardware Development

  • Hardened Container Applications

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