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Xyston, Inc receives Level 3 Government Contracting Credential Badge

The Catalyst Center for Business Excellence has awarded Xyston its Government Contracting Credential Level 3 Badge! We here at Xyston are very happy to showcase our continued commitment to mature and grow as a company in the space of government contracting. Through the Catalyst Center Xyston has taken classes ranging on a series of topics from SBIR proposal preparation to marketing to business management. These classes lay the foundation upon which we plan to bring our unique skillset of Cyber Operations to government agencies.

We plan on attending future classes through the Catalyst and embrace an attitude of continued learning here at Xyston.

Special thanks to Leigh Christian and everyone else at the Catalyst for making this possible through a difficult 2020. We look forward to more classes!

The following are some of the classes that Xyston has participated in:

- Facility Clearances

- Projections for Business Plan and Strategy

- DCAA Compliance with QuickBooks

- Methods for Communicating your Past Performance to Accelerate Government Sales

- Talk the Talk: How to Confidently Communicate Your Company to Others

- Strategic and Smart Sub-Contracting: Get a Foot in the Door

- GovCon Pricing Strategies

- The Seven Fundamentals of Business Growth

- Capabilities Statement Bootcamp

- Government Contracting 101

.... and many more!

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