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Honoring Larry Gell on Veterans Day 2021

Today at Xyston, we shine our light on a veteran who has always been a supporter of ours from the absolute beginning. Larry Allen Gell served an extended tour of eighteen months in the Army during the Vietnam war and held the rank of Sergeant E5. Larry's MOS (Military Occupational Specialty Code) was "Classified Operational Intelligence" where he was a dog handler. During his service Larry earned the Bronze Star Medal for a heroic service while deployed. A condition to having his tour extended by six months from his twelve months that Larry had already served, he was given 30 days leave where he returned home and married the love of his life Trudy Elaine Gell.

After the Army Larry returned home and began supporting his wife, they soon gave birth to two children, Andrea and Rodney Gell. He and Trudy installed the value of not only family, but also the value of service. Throughout Larry's life he and Trudy donated not just money, but also their time to countless organizations, specifically those whom served struggling families with young children. Larry and Trudy both also served in countless roles and positions within their church organization, again donating time and serving for not just their faith, but for other church members in need as well.

His impact on service can be seen by many. His wife Trudy served thousands of patients across multiple hospitals to ensure the safety and wellbeing of sick patients. His daughter Andrea, (Andrea Hardy) has and continues to serve as a Registered Nurse in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) serving many local community members. His service carried into his grandchildren, Danielle, Korey, and Jarrod. Danielle has also served in the medical field and his two grandsons serve as engineering contractors to the Department of Defense.

Even to this day, Larry is still serving others, like he has for so long, by actively seeking out families in need he can donate to. Aside from continuing his support in his family, he is actively working to start a non-profit in his wife's name, Trudy Elaine Gell, where the proceeds will continue to help young children and their families whom are in need. Larry is also proactively donating to organizations that specifically research woman's heart issues to help further our understanding of the science within a given issue.

On behalf of everyone at Xyston, including your two grandsons Korey and Jarrod, we thank you so deeply much for your service not just for you, your family, or even your country, but for everyone whom you have served throughout your entire life. Today, Xyston honors you Larry Allen Gell/Papa.

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Justin Bzdell
Justin Bzdell
15 nov 2021

Great story!

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