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Honoring Jimmie Lee Hardy on Veterans Day 2022

At Xyston, we are honorand and blessed to have a reason to celebrate Veterans day. Jimmie Lee Hardy Enlisted into the U.S. Airforce on November 17th, 1948, 13 months after the creation of the branch. Because the Air Force was a new U.S. Military branch, they did not have their own ranks and thus used the Army rank system until April 24th, 1952. He enlisted to be a gunner on a bomber airplane, but due to a shift in the tactics of the Airforce in that time, they no longer needed gunners, and thus became a cook.

Jimmie began to see active combat less than 30 days after the start of the Korean war on June 25th, 1950. War in Korea proved to be very difficult. At one point the U.S. Airforce was forced to retreat and had doubt if it would be able to hold their position in the conflict. The Armed Forces of the United Nations had established a foothold in Northeast Korea and intended to push north to the Yalu River that separates Chania and North Korea. This was a jumping point for the Marine's in the Battle of the Chosin Reservoir, which was an important battle in the Korean War. Jimmie helped serve the Marines and other forces that were part of that effort at the Battle of the Chosin Reservoir, and thus received two star awards for his service.

Jimmie ended his service in the Military on December 15th, 1953, which also happened to be his Birthday. Soon after he met his wife Elizabeth (Penny) and had three Children. They Became active members in the LDS church and he continued his service to others by serving various roles within the church. Latter in life, Jimmie served in the LDS Temple in Detroit on a weekly basis year after year. He took great pride in serving others anyway he could. On behalf of everyone at Xyston, including your two grandsons Korey and Jarrod, we thank you so deeply much for your service not just for you, your family, or even your country, but for everyone whom you have served throughout your entire life. Today, Xyston honors you Jimmie Lee Hardy/Papa.

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