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Cybersecurity is Cyber Science

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Offensive & Defensive Cyber Operations

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 | What We Do

Xyston, Inc. specializes in Cyber Security Testing, Reverse Engineering, and Secure Software Engineering. By deploying extensive resiliency testing, adversarial assessments, and threat mapping we provide Security, Validation, Verification, and Hardening for both the commercial and government sectors. Our focus is to secure systems at every level. We formulate DevSecOps processes to fit your needs and deliver fast, secure, and reliable Software. Xyston secured systems have been used, worn, and employed by hundreds of businesses and consumers alike.

Cyber Security

We discover, identify, and analyze vulnerabilities to assess adversarial exploitation impact and likelihood.

Reverse Engineering

We extract, disassemble, and document systems in order to analyze, rebuild, and assess.

Secure Software Engineering

We automate security at every step to increase production and integrity in the Software Development Lifecycle.

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 | Our Mission

"Xyston’s mission is to address the risk to the nation’s computing infrastructure by using the same techniques, methods, and strategies employed by adversaries to reveal critical vulnerabilities"

In the spring of 2019 we founded Xyston, Inc. with one mission in mind: to bring the United States and her Allies cutting edge cyber technologies. This mission stems from a desire to see the United States decades ahead of the world in the realm of Cyber Operations and to be a part of the effort that turns the United States of America into the world's leading Cyber Superpower. We believe that cutting edge technology, fearless innovation, and the ability to approach traditional problems in a non-traditional way should not be limited to enthusiasts and start-ups but brought directly to the middle of traditional approaches. We combine our enthusiasm for cybersecurity with our background in DoD contracting to provide a unique solution of the latest cutting edge technology within a traditional framework. This unique combination of innovation and tradition allows us to deliver newer technology at a faster rate and a lower cost all while our customers- whether they be government agencies or commercial- are able to enjoy the absolute latest in Cyber Operations.

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