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National Cyber Summit

Xyston attended the National Cyber Summit 2021 in it's own backyard here in Huntsville Alabama September 28th through September 30th.

Tuesday we were pretty busy setting up our booth for the first time and then also getting ready as one of the sponsors for that evenings Pub Crawl!!

Wednesday we were a bit more busy with not only our own Xyston made CTF (Capture the Flag) that attendees could try and compete for a prize, but we also presented at a lighting round that our CEO Jarrod Hardy spoke at. He walked through what are embedded systems and some of the tools we use at Xyston to attack those devices.

Thursday we had some individuals brave enough to try one of our Hot Sauces "Da Bomb" from our collection. Da Bomb is one of the last sauces that is featured on YouTube "Hot Ones". We also had the chance to met with some really cool companies and individuals.

Until next year National Cyber Summit!!

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Justin Bzdell
Justin Bzdell
Nov 15, 2021

It was a awesome event!

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