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Cyber Summit 2022

At the National Cyber Summit in Huntsville AL, we had something no other booth had, a vehicle. Not only did we demo hacking into the car, but we also allowed anyone in the conference, professionals, students, or even conference staff to attempt to hack a car.

This was not a test for the faint of heart. Hacking, or vulnerability research, is very complex and one can spend weeks, months, or even years before actually hacking a system. Even at the National Cyber Summit, having the skillset to hack a car is very rare. Most of those whom tried to hack the vehicle fell short, or well short in most cases.

Although the challenge was tough, and we at xyston gave everyone the tools to complete the hack, only one was able to successfully hack the vehicle, unlock the car door and claim the XBOX Series X inside. He was familiar with one of the tools we used for the hack, GNU Radio, and was able to complete the hack in just under three hours.

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